Viceroy (VCR)

Blockchain properties

Purchase type Paid blockchain
Algorithm SHA256
Type PoW
Coin name Viceroy
Coin abbreviation VCR
Address letter V
RPC port 33034
P2P port 33033
Block reward 50 coins
Block halving 210000 blocks
Coin supply 26250000 coins
Premine amount 5250000 coins

Advanced properties

Coinbase maturity 20 blocks
Target spacing 5 minutes
Target timespan 30 minutes
Transaction confirmations 5 blocks

Seednode 1

Hosted node

The hosted node for your blockchain expired.

Hosting renewal procedure

1. Transfer 0.0025 BTC to 141orgKxwtXETSMTXGzDCpcDXX1XCY7FvJ

2. Wait until your Bitcoin transaction has 6 confirmations.

3. Your hosted node will be started automatically.


The following services are available for your blockchain.

Getting started

Use the following instructions to mine a block on your blockchain

Open your wallet, and make sure you are connected to another wallet.
You are connected when you see the icon in the lower right corner of your wallet.

The message "No block source available" will disappear once you mine your first block.

Go to Help.
Click Debug Window.
This is the console where you will execute all commands.

Type this command to start mining your first block:

setgenerate true -1

If you want to use a specific number of CPU cores, instead of -1, type the number of cores.

You can type the following command to see the status of generation.


It will take about +/- 30 minutes to mine your first block, depending on your computer hardware.