How does the difficuly work?

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updated October 8, 2018, 9:13 am

The time it takes to mine a block depends on the difficulty of your coin and the used hashes (mining speed) of your CPU, GPU, or ASIC.

Your coin re-calculates a new difficulty every couple of blocks, the exact amount of blocks is defined using the values “Target spacing” and “Target timespan”.

The value “Target spacing” defines how long it should take to mine a block.
The value “Target timespan” defines when the difficulty should be changed.

The amount of blocks it takes before your coin re-calculates the new difficulty is:

Amount of blocks difficulty change = “Target timespan” / “Target spacing”.

It sometimes can take more or less time to mine a block because these values are re-calculated.

The following page explains in-depth how the difficulty works for Bitcoin.