How do I export a private key?

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updated November 20, 2019, 8:59 pm

Use the following instructions to export the private key of an address in your wallet.

1) Open the console of your wallet.

2) Unlocking your wallet is only required when you encrypted your wallet with a password.

Unlock your wallet using the following command:

walletpassphrase yourpassword 60

Replace the text “yourpassword” with the password used to encrypt your wallet.
The number 60 is the amount of seconds your wallet is unlocked.


walletpassphrase topsecretpassword 60

3) Export your private key using the following command:

dumpprivkey yourwalletaddress

Replace the text “yourwalletaddress” with an actual wallet address.


dumpprivkey TQhPf7kn6mDvi7CQVqdktP4dBgqRkugu6s

Example output: