How do I disable staking in my wallet?


Scrypt (PoS)

source branch


updated October 22, 2022, 1:41 pm

Disable staking in your wallet with the following instructions:

Close your wallet.

Open "Run" with the keyboard combination winkey + r.

Enter the following text behind "Open": notepad

Press on the button "OK".

Paste the following into notepad.


Click on the menu item "File" -> "Save As...".

The Open dialog box will appear, click on "Save as type" and select the option "All Files (*.*)".

Enter the name of your coin with the extension .conf behind the following text File name": (examplecoin.conf)

Click on the menu bar, type the following text %appdata% and press on the enter key. enter

Create a folder with the name of your coin (Examplecoin) and open the folder.

Press on the button "Save".